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How to Use Images to Optimize Your Landing Pages
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 25 March 2013

A picture paints a thousand words, and in optimizing landing page conversion, those thousand words can spell the difference between a click on your CTA and a click on the close window button. Knowing how to take these added “thousand words” to make your landing pages work their best for you is a definite must – especially when you’re considering making money out of your landing pages and maximizing the audience your landing pages get read by.

Use images to build your CTA up

One uncanny similarity among different squeeze pages that convert is that they contain certain details that are deceptively good at making the CTA the star of the show. Use lines and arrows that bluntly direct your viewers’ attention to your CTA and other related elements. Practice subtlety in doing this, as the use of too much blunt direction will only annoy visitors. Segregate your pages in such a way that attention is directed to your CTA at first glance of your landing pages. Many techniques can be used for this purpose alone, so experiment on what will work best for your landing pages.

Images with faces help draw attention

Viewers are more likely to relate to images that contain emotional human faces. Humans are also more likely to act on something if their emotional reserves are being tapped at. Take well-shot images of people conveying the emotions you want your viewers to derive from your pages. Use these images sparingly. Take note that while positive emotions tend to get more conversions, you should never underestimate the power of a “sob story” in getting positive empathetic responses.

Know where to place your images

Knowing which images to add to your landing pages is only half of the story. Knowing where and how to place them is what makes for a happy ending. Place them not only where they are visible enough to do their magic (such as direct your viewers’ attention or cause an emotional outburst), but also where they don’t distract from the most important element of your landing page – the CTA.

Go for a bare minimum

Nothing can be worse for squeeze pages design than having the right kind of images in excessive amounts. Remember that while a thousand words can establish the difference between a conversion and otherwise, getting a million words slapped onto your face at once can be rather overwhelming. Choose your images wisely, and use them sparingly. In reality, all it takes is but a few thousand words at a time – a couple, at the most – to get you the conversion rates you need.