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How to Re-engage a Failed Conversion
Posted by: Anita on Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Regardless of your experience and exposure in the realm of online marketing, a failed conversion attempt always hurts. Rightly so — after all, time, money and effort are spent on it, only to see it disappearing going in vain.

But is it really over? Based on our experience and the input from prominent marketing experts, re-engaging a failed conversion is no longer as big a deal as it used to be.

Here’s how you chase those more elusive sales…

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer

To learn where you made the mistake and at what point you lost the potential conversion you must first put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Come out of your marketer’s shell and start thinking in the same line as a consumer. What you find may eventually be extremely beneficial in identifying the scope for improvement in your approach.

Do extensive analysis

Once you identify where you might have gone wrong, its time to analysis the possible solution for each lapse. Let’s face it – landing page conversion is a serious task – one in which the margin for error is pretty thin. Conduct extensive market research to learn about what your target consumer base is searching for. Also, don’t shy away from having a sneak peek at how your more successful competitors are going about their mission. It’s okay to borrow a trick or two if you think that their way of doing things may work in your favor and help your landing page quality score.

Use this knowledge in dishing out a crystal clear landing page

After the seemingly daunting task of reviewing your previous attempts and coming up with new solutions to boost your conversion rate, its time you used that knowledge in rolling out a precise, thoroughly honest and crystal clear landing page. Don’t leave any room for your customers to be skeptical about your projections.

Ask for honest feedback

Once your revamped landing pages are ready, its time you had some honest feedback before going ahead and uploading them to your website. Ask a friend, colleague, or better still, an industry expert for advice if you’re in doubt.

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