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How to Lower Your Landing Page’s Bounce Rate
Posted by: Syed on Tuesday, 09 April 2013

If your landing page has a very high bounce rate, it is definitely alarming for your business. A high bounce rate means that your targeted audience bounces off right after visiting your landing page. As a result, landing page conversion rate goes down too and it directly affects the business.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most effective ways to lower your landing page’s bounce rate:

Diagnose the problem

The first step to take is to comprehensively diagnose the problems of your page. Ask your friends or family members to visit your page for testing purpose. There are many simple mistakes that could be easily overlooked. For instance, you must test the navigation buttons on your landing page. Navigation menus that are not very clear can easily confuse the visitors and make them leave the page.

Landing Page Layout

Never put too much text on your landing page. If you have to write a lot, try to keep it in bullet points. Meanwhile, giving headings and sub-headings can also be an organized way to present the text. However, a video or customer satisfaction images are always considered a better choice to convince the users.
Also, I would recommend beginners having no experience in designing a landing page to try landing page design tools.  There are several design tools available on the internet that will not only help you designing your page, but also guide you for better optimization.

Irrelevant keywords and information

Nothing disappoints visitors more than ending up on a page that they never intended to see. That’s right. If you are using outdated or irrelevant keywords, chances are that most of your visitors are not even looking for the information that you are offering. So, it is absolutely critical to keep reviewing and researching the relevant keywords after a particular period.

Landing page loading time

Does your landing page take too long to load? Do you have to wait for more than 10 seconds before your page loads? If the answer is yes, you need to fix this issue as quickly as possible. Internet connections have improved dramatically in the past few years and every user expects the websites to load quickly.
That is the reason why Pages that take more than a few seconds to load have generally a very high bounce rate.

Long story short, following these simple tips will surely help you lower your landing page’s bounce rate.