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How to Engage Customers with a Landing Page
Posted by: Kimberly on Wednesday, 12 June 2013

You create landing pages for customer conversion—that is, you want them to move from being a casual browser to a paying customer. In other cases when you’re using a for-purpose squeeze page, you want them to sign up for an email marketing campaign or some other specific action.

Regardless of your objective, your landing pages must appeal and engage…

But how exactly do you “engage”? In web marketing, it’s pretty straightforward. If you get them interested enough to read your content and participate in your campaign, then you’ve engaged them. It’s a big plus if you get them to spread the word through social media.

Ultimately, you want to engage your customers so that they convert and make a purchase. Landing pages are exactly the tool to do just that. These pages help direct your customers attention to products and services you sell that will address their need.

Create specific landing pages

Landing pages are gateways to your website. But instead of directing your customers to your home page, which can be confusing to your casual browsers, landing pages can (and should!) direct them to the product or service you offer that specifically addresses their need.

The great thing about landing pages is that you can create multiple pages, depending on which products you want your customers to focus on. For example, say a casual browser was searching the Internet for a “family beach vacation.” Your link happens to pop out of the search engine results because you happen to be running an online travel agency. A click on your link should “land” them to a page showing numerous beach vacation packages or vacation home rentals that you have on offer.

Test your landing pages

People will have different tastes and preferences—different needs and wants. These differences affect the way they communicate. This will also affect their reaction towards different landing page designs. What will work for one person may not necessarily work with another.

That’s why it’s important to test your landing pages. And there are several elements to test. Are you using the right headline? Are you using the right language and tone in your copy? Are you using the right layout? Does it appropriately present the message you want to convey? Are you using the right images, color and font?

Testing can be quite tedious, but finding the right landing page design can be very rewarding. After all, if it engages the right people, then you’re sure to get more revenue.