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How to Design a Squeeze Page
Posted by: Syed on Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Squeeze pages are currently very popular in the online marketing world. Simply put, squeeze pages are  used to ‘squeeze’ information out of a webpage’s visitors. A squeeze page is a simple page that asks for only necessary information, mainly an email address. In return, visitors are rewarded with free content of any type relevant to a particular business. For example, vendors offer free reports, video, newsletters, or e-books in return for a visitor’s information.

There is no doubt that squeeze pages are a bit different than regular landing pages, however, just like a landing page, squeeze pages design is very important for making a positive impact actual sales. Therefore, I am going to give a brief overview of how to design squeeze pages that sell.

Page Length

One common feature in all of the best squeeze pages is that they are short and precise. Keep in mind that the squeeze pages and landing pages are different. You have to keep the page length and the content to a minimum. The ideal length of the page should be one full landscape view. It means that the user must be able to see the whole page without even scrolling down.
Similarly, you will need to mention all the exciting features and offers at the top of the page before any buttons or navigations. There is no point in keeping the best for the last. As you would already know, a user hardly takes 5-8 seconds to decide whether to stay or leave the page.

Content Type & Quality

Generally, visual presentation of products, services and offers are responded better. This is the reason why most people prefer putting a video on their squeeze page. However, you must keep the content of the video top-notch. It should be not too long to bore the viewer and not too short that the viewer does not even fully understand your offer.

Same is the case with the text. Try to organize the text of your squeeze page in a neat and clean manner. Instead of long meaningless paragraphs, try to use headings, sub-headings and bullet points. A well-organized text is much easier to read than lengthy paragraphs.

Information Forms

Finally, there should be no unnecessary information forms on your squeeze page. In fact, it is highly recommended to have only one form for getting the email address of the visitors. If you want more information, probably three forms should be alright at most.