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How to Create Great Landing Pages
Posted by: Rosario on Wednesday, 13 February 2013

No matter how heavily you rely upon your Web 2.0 marketing strategies, an official business website always comprises the backbone of your overall marketing endeavors. And when it comes to a business website, nothing really matters as much as the landing pages where the average internet user is redirected to by a search engine or PPC ad. Creating great landing pages is essential for charming the website visitors into responding to your call-to-action.

Here are a few tips on how to go about that task…

Come up with an attractive heading

Upon being redirected to your landing page, the very first thing that a visitor will see is the heading. Therefore, coming up with one that has the power to retain visitors’ interest could eventually make the difference between success and failure – therefore treat it as the first landing page best practice to focus on. Make sure that the heading you go with is relevant to the rest of your content so as to provide a clear picture about what that specific landing page is trying to address. 

Great content – there’s no other way

When designing a landing page, the focus should always be on coming up with content that provides value to your visitors. Don’t just give a theoretical demonstration of how wonderful what you are offering is. Instead make your visitors understand how your products/service can benefit them. Keep it short and simple, while at the same time address all key points that you feel your target customers must know. Always remember – great content holds the key to brilliant landing page optimization.

Have one goal per landing page

Do not confuse your visitors by including multiple objectives on your individual landing pages. Instead come up with multiple landing pages, each targeted at serving one purpose. That’s the best way to go if your ultimate goal is to turn your landing pages into best lead generation pages.