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How to Create Brilliant Landing Pages
Posted by: Rosario on Monday, 26 November 2012

By having a quality landing page you offer visitors the opportunity to perform certain actions that you want them to, such as purchasing a product, subscribing to a service, participating in an online contest or survey and much more.

The quality of a landing page can be measured by conversion-rate, which stands for how frequently users perform certain pre-specified actions after reaching that page. The higher the conversion rate is, the better the quality of the landing page. In order to have a high conversion rate, it is important that you’ve got a good handle on landing page optimization.

The following is a rundown of some of the essential techniques you can use to create brilliant landing pages, which, if followed carefully, promise a significantly increased conversion rate.

Quality keywords

Make sure your content matches your keywords — the closer the better. For example, assume the visitor searched the keywords Microsoft Paint, then click at the first search result; now if he finds no information about the Paint software on the web page and instead sees a range of wall paints for sale, he will obviously close the page and continue his search with different links. Ensure that the keywords you choose match the content of the landing page, and that there is a matching action for the visitor to perform. If your Adwords ad said ‘buy paint software’, your landing page should have the actually ‘buy now’ button on it.

The message should be consistent throughout

In case you are offering a special discount offer in the ad banners, then you need to ensure that the interested customers can find the discount rate on your website’s landing page too. Do not mislead visitors — it harms nobody but you. Also, never switch between names or logos — this is important to establish your credibility in the industry and amongst consumers.

Highlight the important parts convincingly

Statistics suggest web users spend less than an average of seven seconds on a particular web page before closing it — which means you have somewhere around 5/6 seconds to impress your visitors with the landing page. Make those seconds count and leave no stone unturned to highlight the most important parts on the page.

For more help in coming up with brilliant landing pages, hire a web design firm that offers an easy template system for landing page design and development.