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How to Add Social Media Buttons to Your Landing Pages
Posted by: Vikki on Friday, 22 February 2013

What good is your perfect lead generation page design if it doesn’t get you the right amount of leads you have been hoping for? The reality is that most of the visitors of your site just cannot give you what exactly you are asking of them. They, however, may have people from their networks who CAN and WILL give you the leads you need – that is if you can reach them. In this case, there’s no media like social that can help you achieve this wider range of audience.

Choose Your Social Networks

In choosing your social networks, take into account the specific characteristics, pros, and cons of each medium. Take note that each of them caters to certain demographics – some of which may be similar to your target groups. Take time to consider your options carefully, as having too many social networking accounts will take up too much of your time in the long run.

Create Your Accounts

In order to get people to talk about your offers or add you to their networks, you need to have a social network account. In registering, use a dedicated email address for all the media that you have chosen. This makes it easier to manage updates and notifications across all your networks.

Select Your Buttons and Plugins

Each site has a specific set of actions you can choose from (e.g., “like” and “share” on Facebook). Each action has a corresponding button and/or link that you can add to your landing page. You can also add plugins that show your recent updates on your accounts. For some inspiration, check out some squeeze pages websites and see what types of buttons and plugins are being used for campaigns like yours.

Size Matters

Stray from choosing buttons, links, and plugins that take up too much space. Also, use the smallest links available for each medium, if possible. Remember that the most important aspect of your page is getting your visitors to follow your call-to-action.

Location, Location, Location

The social media buttons are NOT the stars of your landing page: they are only the supporting cast, and this should reflect in their location on your pages. Place them at the very bottom or topmost of your page where they are least likely to distract from the elements that make for squeeze pages that sell.

Add To Thank You Pages

Make the most out of a conversion by turning it into more possible conversions. Encourage further calls-to-action on your Thank You pages by getting your visitors to share more information about you to their networks.