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How Landing Pages Help Empower Your ROI Measurement
Posted by: Tyree on Tuesday, 30 October 2012

ROI, or return on investment, is calculated by dividing the return on an investment by its cost, and there are certain parts of the cost you, as a business owner, just can't afford to be frugal on: the quality of the product or diligence of customer service, for example. But there is an area in the digital realm where it is easier than ever to save money while strengthening your ROI and that is your landing page.

Landing page optimization is a hot area of web design right now and landing page design tools are making it easier than ever for business owners to take control over it. Utilizing landing page optimization design tools adds directly to your return on investment by saving time and reducing needed manpower. Quality software will help you learn and keep track of the effect your landing page is having on the web-searching public in real time, making sure that you are employing the best landing page practices in terms of using proven layouts and effectively generating leads. The fundamentals can be tailored to the type of targeting your landing pages operate on, be they associative, predictive, or consumer directed.

So let's say you've got your software in place and are steering customers toward your landing pages. What can you do to keep their attention while continuing to keep those operating costs down? One good option is to utilize an SEO-friendly squeeze page as your landing page. Not only do squeeze pages give you access to the customer for future direct marketing, but they are also a handy place to show them your terms and conditions, enabling them to further their shopping with you in the security of knowing they are making an informed decision. Again, the correct software will make setting up a quality squeeze page easy.

Social networks are another place where you can put your best landing page practices to use. It costs nothing to maintain a presence on the leading social networks these days. Furthermore, those sidebar ad sites such as Facebook work for drawing traffic. It's a hotbed for associative and predictive content targeting so make sure that your landing page is the one they are going to follow the link to.

Making a good landing page and making sure it's too tempting not to click on is easier than ever these days. A good software package and a little internet savvy will see them contributing to huge ROI at a fraction of the cost of the overall investment itself.