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Generating Leads with Your Landing Page
Posted by: Jane on Wednesday, 16 January 2013

One of the most interesting aspects about inbound marketing is that the content you deploy continues paying dividends all along — even long after it was first uploaded.

This tendency includes the content of your average landing pages too. When it comes to deriving the desired lead generation benefits from your SEO efforts, the potential of landing pages is truly unprecedented, provided you plan thoroughly and execute adequately.  

Here are a few essential tips on how you can generate more leads with your landing pages.

Watch the placement of your keywords

Place your highest quality keywords at the top of the page on the left-hand side is the most ‘crawl-able’ location for Google’s bots. Place your most important keywords first, and then gradually add the comparatively less important keywords later on. If you’re unsure about what your keywords actually are, landing page optimization software is a very good place to start your search.

Keep it short and simple

When a visitor comes visit your landing page, the last thing he or she wants to see is a gigantic pile of paragraphs, surrounded by images and irrelevant media content all around.

It’s a statistical fact that an average website visitor usually spends no more than 5 or 6 seconds on a landing page before moving away. Therefore, make it a point to keep it short and simple so the visitor quickly understands what you are trying to convey.

Design can play a crucial role here — don’t unnecessarily complicate your landing page design just for the sake of creativity or style. Keep it simple, and you will be more likely to lure the visitor through your opt-in form. Good quality landing page design software can help you create quality pages quickly (Livepages HQ for example uses an intuitive ‘drag-and-drop’/template format for mass production of pages).

Don’t include non-essential details

While designing a landing page, the thing you should be focused upon most is providing your visitors the information they are expecting. They are visiting your landing page for a purpose —unless you honour that purpose with relevant information (followed, of course, by your CTA), there is no way you can expect them to convert into real McCoy leads.