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Easy Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversions
Posted by: Anupam on Tuesday, 04 June 2013

There is nothing more important in a business than sales. All the marketing and advertising is directed towards the simple goal of successfully selling more products or getting more people pay for your services. Ecommerce is nothing different, as here too you need to convert the incoming traffic and get them to take an action that profits you and satisfies the consumer in some way. Landing pages can be the key to high rates of conversion for your online business. Mistakes in making effective landing pages is a reason why the traffic bounces back from your website and your competitors win hands down. There is a lot you can do about this. Some great tips for optimizing your landing pages for better conversion are discussed below.

Make the CTA matter:

The Call to Action for your landing pages should be relevant to your content. Do not brag or boast of something which you cannot deliver. A good Call to Action promotes your website because it communicates with the visitors exactly what they are supposed to do.

No clutter, no confusion:

The traffic needs to have clear directions and they want to know about the services or products that you offer. However, too much information at a single page can be difficult to digest. When an individual first glances at your landing page, if they find it overcrowded they are bound to leave. However, if they see a well organized web page there are better chances that they will take a look around and participate more.

Consistency gets loyalty:

You have to ensure that the landing page has the same content to the advertisement title or email message that made people come to your webpage. If visitors find any inconsistency, they are bound to leave the webpage in no time. For successful conversions, you need to make landing pages that are consistent and relevant to the enquiry of the consumers.

Catchy headlines are powerful:

People often take just a few seconds to make up their mind, that whether they want to stay on leave your webpage. To keep them glued, you need a very catchy headline that tells them how they can profit from staying longer. Address a problem or offer a solution in strong yet short headlines that grab their attention and force them to read the content.

Great content:

The next important thing that you must focus on is good copy or content. Use graphics, visuals and well chosen lingo for attracting the visitors. Try to understand the way your target audience speaks to give them content that they like.

One way in and one way out:

Cut down the number of options or action that your visitors can make. Rather, focus on a specific action and direct them towards participation. Premium squeeze page templates also help in this matter.