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Creating Email Subscribers with Landing Pages
Posted by: Anita on Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A quality landing page has the capability to play an instrumental role in helping you build a comprehensive email list with minimal effort. To make that happen however, you have to lay out some well-defined strategies and then execute them properly.

Always be mindful of the fact that the primary objective of your website’s landing page should be to demonstrate how your products and services can benefit users, then to push those users to your opt-in form.

While it’s certainly a case of keeping it simple, here are few tips to maximize your landing pagers efficacy.

1) Have a ‘scannable’ landing page

If you were of the view that the strategy of having lengthy and textbook-like explanations on your landing page will help you secure those sign ups, you’re mistaken. Your website visitors would much prefer quickly scanning your landing page to grasp the basic idea about your overall business model, and sign up or surf away. Streamline your pages for spontaneous sign-ups. If you’ve got to bore your customer to explain your value proposition, reassess your value proposition.

2) Make it simple

Each landing page should be focused on a single, specific objective. Don’t expect your visitors to read your blogs, sign up for your subscription list and show interest in your latest deal at the same time. Rather, narrow down all your efforts to a single objective — in this case getting your target audience sign up for your email marketing list before leaving.

3) Have multiple landing pages if required

If situation demands, create multiple landing pages, each targeting different potential customer bases. Decent landing page optimization tools can help you come up with multiple landing pages with the right content quickly and easily.

Also, remember that to come up with a great landing page for your website, you should start with asking yourself basic questions: What is it that you intend to offer to your website visitors? Why would they be interested in your offer at all? Good quality landing page design software such as LivePages can help you come up with comprehensive and content-rich landing pages for your website.