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Creating Compelling Offers 101
Posted by: Joel on Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Coming up with attractive offer on the lead generation pages of your website is actually pretty simple if you take care to follow the basic principles of marketing 101. Knowing what your customer wants, where to find him, and just what call-to-action he will most likely follow through on all play a part in crafting a page that will get actual result.

But where to begin? And just what makes a great offer?


Where is the type of customer you’re targeting. Are they visiting your bricks and mortar store? Then you better be getting them to sign up to your email list when they come in the door. Are you targeting the lucrative 20 – 30 market? Maybe your best bet is via a social media campaign. Either way, the key to sourcing quality leads is knowing who your target is, where to find him/her, and then getting the data that you need to build a relationship. How you go about that is up to you.


Once you’ve gathered data about the specific needs and interests of your prospects, you’re able to figure out what they will probably perceive as an attractive offer. When sending out mass emails to subscribers for example, segment your list depending on what you’re offering. If you’re looking to target lapsed customers, don’t send your offer to new recruits.

The same goes for your landing pages. If you’ve got the resources to offer multiple deals, then do it. Create multiple landing pages to match, then direct your segmented traffic to those landing pages.


No customer is going to go out of their way to source and consume your advertising material. Too many offers of ‘free ebook’ turn out to be little more than thinly disguised catalogues, often promoting services and products irrelevant to, or already purchased by, the viewer.

Make no mistake — if you offer a ‘valuable free ebook’ to your customers, you’ll do more harm than good by sending them a product list in PDF format. If you promise value, deliver it. Make your offer unambiguous, then follow through on it to the letter.


For the optimum results with your marketing offers, you should equip yourself with decent analytics software that helps you measure the performance of your offers as well as that of your lead generation pages.