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Concepts that Make Landing Pages Work
Posted by: Melissa on Monday, 29 October 2012

Landing pages are a vital part of your web campaign. They provide the details when readers click on advertisements or banner ads set up for your site, and they are a highly effective method of ‘calling-your-read-to-action’. Generally, your readers get to your landing page (or ‘squeeze page’) by following links either from advertisements, SEO promotions or social media.

The reader’s first impression of the landing page matters. You need to capture the reader’s attention while still giving a complete overview of what your product or service is all about. If you are looking to direct more traffic to your site then you must ensure that your landing page has what it takes to command and retain attention.

Below are some ideas to help you create landing pages that really work.


The landing page design should be appealing. People are generally drawn to graphics and images. When it comes to the design, ensure that the layout is also easy to navigate through and also not filled with unnecessary graphics. Complement text with color, white spaces and organize the content appropriately. Make it subtle and user-friendly.


The headline is what will give the reader an idea of what to expect. It also tells the reader that he or she is indeed in the right place. Ensure that you have a captivating headline that makes sense. Design it in a manner that will attract the reader’s attention. Optimize your landing page by using relevant keywords in the headline as this will help search engines get to your content and index it better. Also keep the headline short and straight to the point. Avoid using ambiguous words.

Action Call

Ensure that you have a call to action in your landing page. Be clear about it and incorporate tabs or buttons that show exactly what is to be done.


The landing page must be relevant to its source. If the link says that the landing page has discounts on computers then the page should have discounts of computers. Customize your landing page depending on the site the user is coming from. If they are coming from mobile devices consider having a customized version for the mobile users.


Landing page optimization leads to higher visibility hence increased traffic. There are a variety of tools that can be used to optimize your landing pages and generate more traffic your way. Ensure that you include relevant keywords that will be easily identified by search engine crawlers.