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Building Your Email List with a Great Landing Page
Posted by: Sonia on Tuesday, 20 November 2012

An essential aspect of building a comprehensive email list out of your incoming web traffic is to have a quality and compelling landing page on your website with the ability to gain the confidence of your visitors. The primary objective of your website’s landing page is to  demonstrate the essential benefits of your product or service then compel the audience to take certain actions, such as making a purchase, signing up for an email exercise or filling up a feedback form. 

To come up with a great landing page for your website, you should start with asking yourself basic questions such as what is it that you intend to offer to your website visitors and why would they be interested in you at all. A decent landing page design software such as LivePages can help you come up with comprehensive and content-rich landing pages for your website, but before you proceed it is recommended that you pause for a moment and try to figure out what are some of the essential factors that combine to make a great landing page.

Keep it simple

Always try and converge all your efforts with the landing page on one specific goal. Never ever try, or even expect your visitors to read your blog posts, sign up for your mailing list and ask for product details at the same time. Rather, make sure that you narrow down your efforts to a single objective — such as having your target audience sign up for your email marketing list before leaving.

Make a scannable landing page

If you were thinking that the strategy of having long textual explanations on your landing page about the benefits of signing up for your emailing list will yield the desired results, you have been dead-wrong all along! Your visitors would be rather more interested in having a quick scan of your landing page to pick up a basic idea about your business model. Or the products and services you’re offering. Always try to have your landing page streamlined accordingly.

Have multiple landing pages if required

If the situation demands don’t hesitate to create more than one landing page, each targeting a different potential customer base. A good quality landing page optimization tool can help you come up with multiple landing pages with the right content and the right format. The rest is up to your.