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Anatomy 101: Building the Perfect Landing Page
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 25 March 2013

Good squeeze pages may not look like a lot at first. Dissecting the different aspects there is to a landing page, however, will surely make you think otherwise. There is more to a landing page than just a pretty layout, a few words and images, and a visible CTA. In designing landing pages, you have to be able to point out which elements are key to conversion, and which elements are nothing more than eye candy. Ultimately, knowing this can drive the difference between a cluttered and basically useless landing page and one that is visually appealing and overall effective.


The perfect landing page example is one that knows how to maximize the magnetic power of a headline. Create your headlines to be compelling by making them concise, entertaining (if possible), and clear. Confusing headlines lead to a loss of trust, so steer clear of this technique at all cost.


Make sure that your content is (1) well-written, (2) as concise as possible, (3) adequately, if not overly, proofread, (4) persuasive, and (5) easy to read. Test your content constantly for relevance and audience reception.


Links exist to help your readers gain a better understanding of certain aspects of your campaign. Keep in mind, though, that links take attention away from your main landing page. If you have to add links, make sure you do so sparingly, and that every link you have is relevant to your campaign.


Play around with fonts to emphasize keywords on your landing pages. Use larger and bolder fonts to emphasize your headlines and CTAs. Use italics to emphasize key phrases in your content.


Nowadays, minimalistic but visually stimulating color schemes are the rage among landing pages. Use a theme that is relevant to your campaign. Use feminine colors if your target demographics are women. Use neutral colors for a wider range of audience. Play around with colors, and test them as much as time and resources allow.


In accordance to the principle that less is more, designing minimalistic landing pages also call for all key elements to be located above the page fold. This increases your chances of getting read, getting considered, and consequently getting conversions.


There is no point of having squeeze pages websites if there is no CTA involved. Make your CTA assertive and compelling enough. Taking this, along with the other key elements of a good landing page, into major consideration will pave your way to having the conversion rates you only used to dream of.