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A Refresher Course for Landing Page Masters
Posted by: Joel on Wednesday, 06 March 2013

Now that you’ve acquired the best landing page software out there and identified the product and target audience for your marketing campaign, it’s time for a refresher course on exactly what landing pages are and how to make the most of them. 

Landing pages generally serve as the launching pad for the web portion of a marketing campaign.  They are used to more effectively drive the sales process forward by directing visitors who have expressed interest in a product to a stand-alone starting page, rather than distracting them with information that is not relevant to the campaign by sending them to the main company website. Following are some tips to help cultivate landing page best practices and maximize results from their use.

1)    Advance the sales process incrementally.  Visitors to your landing page have demonstrated interest in your product, but they are not all necessarily ready to purchase the product just yet.  Give them options, such as providing their contact info in return for more information, rather than forcing them to purchase a product immediately.  This allows you to make sales to motivated buyers, and to follow up later with those who prefer to take their time.  The idea is to leave visitors to the page wanting more, allowing the sales process to advance with maximum effectiveness.

2)    Give something to get something.  You’ve attracted the interest of your visitors, and have them wanting more, but in order to get them to provide their contact data, or click on a link, it’s best to offer something in return.  What that something is will vary from campaign to campaign, but it could be a chance to win; or a chance to save; updates on the product; further information, or the like.  Use the landing page to help build interest in your product, while taking orders on subsequent click-through pages.

3)    Use landing page design software if possible.  While it’s important to have a good understanding of the principles involved in designing and using landing pages, a software program specifically created for this purpose can help streamline the process.

4)     Design your landing page with an eye for the target audience.  If your product is a video game aimed at young males, eye catching colors and glaring graphics will help get your message across, while a company offering decorative items for the home would likely be better served by a more sedate design.  The landing page is an extension of your marketing campaign, and the look of the page can be just as important as the message itself –design it accordingly.