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Using Images to Super-Charge Your Landing Pages
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 11 March 2013

Never underestimate the importance of images in increasing your landing page conversion. Use them in the wrong way, and you risk losing possibly all of the conversions that could have been. Take the time to choose the right kind of images and placing them right where they need to be, however, and you give your landing pages a good fighting chance to get you only the best conversion rates for your campaign.


There is just no merit in having a visually unappealing landing pages template. In selecting the visual elements needed to beautify your page, choose images that are highly relevant to your campaign. Also take your chosen color scheme into consideration when choosing your photos: if you want your photo to stand out, then choose the ones containing shades that are of complementary colors. Don’t use overly distracting photos, and keep images to a minimum. The most important thing to keep in mind when using images is that these are not the stars of your page: these only serve as the glue that put the elements of your pages tightly together.


Use images to isolate key elements of your page. Have a little bit of fun playing with consumer psychology. One good concept to consider would be the Isolation Effect by Hedwig von Restorff. This effect recognizes that the things that stand out the most in a picture will, consequently, either attract the attention first or get remembered the most. This principle can be used to effectively direct human attention to your CTA. Lines, bold and contrasting colors, and eye tracking are some of the tools you can use for effective isolation.


Some images need more clarification than others. In order to make sense of these seemingly incomprehensible photos, some form of clarification has to be made – and what better way to do that than a few caption lines? Keep captions brief, concise, and informative. When in doubt, make sure that your captions are able enough to answer the question "What is the significance of the photo on this page?" Try employing a bit of humor here and there, but be careful of overdoing it.


Constant testing is the key behind squeeze pages that convert. Test audience reception of all the images included on your page, as well as the overall look of the page. Make sure the images are exactly where you want them, and that the images invoke the exact same emotions you want from the audience. Complacency can put you eons behind on your marketing, so make sure that you regularly test all elements of your online marketing campaign, especially your images.