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Making Your Landing Pages Work for Mobile
Posted by: Murray on Friday, 03 May 2013

Coming up with strong landing pages for standard screens is hard enough, but working with the limited real estate of a 4.5-inch smartphone screen is a challenge no one likes to face. But with the explosion in smartphones and mobile computing in the last few years, designing landing pages that are optimized for mobile devices has become a necessity. What do you need to do to up your mobile landing page quality score?

Here are a few pro tips:

1.      No clutter – This is significantly more important on mobile devices as you have very limited space to work with. Get rid of everything but the essentials. Extra stuff will just be distracting.

2.      No zoom required – Don’t use your desktop page for a mobile landing page. Nobody want to zoom and focus on tiny text boxes. Optimize for common screen sizes, put your important things at the top, and make the landing page vertically-scrolling.

3.      Logo at the top – Squeeze pages that convert need a few things. One is your company’s logo at the top. Without it, consumers may become confused as to the site they’ve arrived at. This is more of a problem on mobile devices due to the limited size of the screen and the limited context that can be provided in such a small space. Splash a logo or banner at the top to identify yourself.

4.      Call to action – If you  have just one thing on your screen below your logo, make it this. If you’re looking for contact info, have a text box for email and include social media links if people would like to give you that information. If you’re hoping to sell products or services, put a button that says “view products” or something similar on the page. The landing page should be a portal to something more – not a busy collection of portals.

These four tips should help get your mobile landing pages up and running. If you’re having trouble, getting your hands on landing page design software can help you optimize for mobile.