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8 Things Every Good Landing Page Has
Posted by: Michalene on Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Building a landing page takes a good solid knowledge of landing page best practices. When you have a good understanding of how all of the elements of a good landing page should be presented, then you have a good chance of creating a landing page that will convert your visitors into customers. 

Here are 8 things that every good landing page has:

1.                   A simple design.  Clutter and business serve to annoy and frustrate people.  They are not likely to stay on the page if it there is no clear purpose to the page.

2.                   Bold headlines and short content paragraphs beneath them.  The way that the page is set up should be simple and easy to read.

3.                   A clear call to action.  People have landed on your page, now tell them what is expected of them.

4.                   Relevant videos and graphics.  Include some interesting videos and other graphics if they are directly related to the content on your page.  This kind of content can be an important part of your squeeze pages design process.

5.                   Perfect grammar and spelling.  Your landing page is your sales copy.  What you are trying to do is gain the trust of your visitors and turn them into buyers.  If your landing page is full of typos and bad grammar, you instantly lose credibility.

6.                   Testimonials.  People want to know what “others” are saying.  What is their experience with the products you are selling on your page?  It is simple to ask people to provide you with a testimonial for your page.  You can offer up freebies in exchange for a quick review or testimonial.

7.                   Money Back Guarantee.  People do not like to take risks on buying a product they are uncertain about.  You can remove the risk by offering a money back guarantee within a certain time frame.

8.                   Photos of the product.  If someone is going to buy something from you, they want to see accurate photos that depict what they are going to receive.

Your landing page is the place where people arrive, after searching for something. What you hope to do with your landing page is to make a sale.  It is a good idea to look around at various squeeze pages to see examples of what makes a good landing page.  The best converting pages all have common elements including the ones that are listed in this article.