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7 Things to Check Before You Launch Your Landing Page
Posted by: Joel on Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Launching adequate category-specific landing pages is always a big step towards making the best out of your content marketing strategies. However, just like with all your other online marketing tactics, you must make sure to double check various key factors associated with landing pages before you launch them.

Here’s a brief rundown of 7 such key factors…

  1. Website speed: Does your landing pages take too long to load? Use different browsers to test this crucial aspect. On average, a landing page is expected to load in no more than 5 seconds. Anything above that might be a big turn off for your visitors.
  2. Mobile friendly: More and more Internet users these days are using their mobile devices to purchase goods and services online. Therefore, you must make your landing pages as mobile-friendly as possible. Repeat step#1 with mobile browsers, on different devices.
  3. Touch friendly: Touch-screen devices are everywhere these days. It’s not only about the smartphone revolution, in fact, even low-end feature phones today are proudly sporting touch screens. Therefore leave no stone unturned to make your landing pages touch friendly. Remember, the average adult fingers cover 45-50 pixels – so size all your links and CTA buttons adequately.
  4. A nice heading: A brilliant heading is always one of the best landing page practices that can eventually mark the difference between success and failure. So make sure to have one which is attractive and clearly defines the objective of that specific page.
  5. Double check the content: The content is the pillar of a landing page. Therefore utmost care should be given to make it error-free and coherent with your business objectives. Check for even the smallest of spelling and grammar mistakes – you cannot afford to give an unprofessional or incompetent vibe to your target customers, can you?
  6. Check the design and navigation: To have a decent lead generation landing page, you must bless it with adequate design and a smoothly functioning navigation system. Again try them both in different browsers.
  7. Placement of the landing page form and CTA button: Although this comes within the design and navigation sphere, we are mentioning it separately because of its unparalleled importance. You should place them in an easily visible location – preferably just under the core content so they straight away catch the attention of the visitors.

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