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7 Steps to More Effective Landing Pages
Posted by: Vikki on Friday, 22 February 2013

A landing page is only as effective as its elements. Maximizing the benefits associated with these elements by adequately and properly employing them is key to landing page optimization. With these 7 steps, you can take your landing pages from being just average to being fully effective.

Step 1: Use accurate and concise HEADLINES.

Use a headline that is short, but keeps your visitors aware of what you want from them. Make sure that your headline matches your call-to-action. Be as concise as possible, but be wary of making your headline too vague or confusing.

Step 2: Keep CONTENT short, relevant, and well written.

Too many words in one little landing page may bore your visitors to death. Keep your message straight to the point, without missing out on important details about your offers. Also, keep in mind that bad grammar and spelling are a definite no-no. Make sure that you have proofread your content sufficiently before putting it up on your landing page.

Step 3. Utilize COLORS and IMAGES properly.

Choose a color scheme that is attractive but not completely over the top. Keep the color range to a minimum. Also, select images based on how well they can direct the attention of your visitors to your call-to-action.

Step 5. Employ a Strong and Creative CALL-TO-ACTION.

People respond better to messages that are more assertive in their attempt at getting a landing page conversion. But don’t just go with the usual “Buy Now!” or other similar boring calls-to-action. Take a jab at creativity by coming up with a call-to-action that is entertaining, eye-catching, and memorable.

Step 4. Add CREDIBILITY INDICATORS to your pages.

The world wide web is a breeding ground for too much spam. Because of this, people have become wary of submitting their information on just about any site. In order to gain the trust of your visitors, employ testimonials, numerous trust indicators, a privacy policy, and security certifications as evidences of your credibility.

Step 6. SOCIAL MEDIA integration.

Despite your visitors’ interest in your offerings, some of them are just not able to give you the sales you need. Most of them, though, are willing to give a little love in the form of a “share” or a “like.” Don’t discount the power of social networking buttons, as a simple click on one of these might just get you a sale or two from your visitors’ networks.

Step 7. TEST your page.

Make sure that all of the links and individual elements of your squeeze pages work seamlessly before putting them up. After all, there’s nothing like a perfect landing page to get you all the leads you want.