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7 Secrets of Successful Landing Pages
Posted by: Anita on Wednesday, 08 May 2013

Directing prospects who’ve clicked on your ads to your home page has long been found to be less successful than sending them to squeeze pages, as landing pages are also known, which haves been optimized to close the deal.  However, designing your landing pages so that they increase your conversions is not a simple task.  Below are some of the methods that can help improve your landing pages and increase conversions as a result.

1)    Your call to action should stand out.  Using a landing page generator to design a beautiful, perfectly formatted landing page does no good if your prospects can’t easily find your call to action.  Make sure that your page is not so busy that it overwhelms the reader and obscures your call to action.  Use different color text or formats to make it stand out.

2)    Use images strategically.  Once again, you don’t want to overshadow your call to action, but using strategically chosen and placed pictures, infographics, and even video is a powerful way to help get your message across and sell your value proposition.

3)    Check your loading times.  There’s nothing worse than throwing a party nobody can attend, and the same holds true for landing pages.  The best design in the world won’t help you if your prospects get impatient waiting for the page to load and go elsewhere as a result.

4)    Use active language.  Your landing page pitch needs to motivate your prospects to take the next step and buy your products or services or click through for more info.  If your text is passive and uninspiring this is less likely to happen.  Use active language that impels them to move forward and answer your call to action.

5)    Deploy brand signals.  Let your prospects know that they are on a page linked to your company by placing your logo or other identifying information there.  This gives them the comfort of knowing they have not been redirected to some third party site.

6)    Include social signals.  Another way of adding to the comfort level of your prospects is to include social signals such as Facebook likes, Google+ +1s, or testimonials from satisfied customers on your landing pages.  This reassures them by letting them know that they aren’t the only ones interested in your products and services.

7)    Format your pages properly.  Don’t use the same text for every single part of the page.  Instead, make it part of your landing page design kit to use different fonts and text size where appropriate to help guide your prospects’ eyes to your call to action and other important parts of your pages.