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6 Key Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 25 March 2013

The best lead generation landing pages are those that always keep up with the times. Great landing pages designers know that constant improvement and being updated can rake in more conversions over time. If you’re looking to give your simple landing pages a little added pizzazz, or completely overhaul your old and tired landing pages, then these six steps can help you give an entirely new and improved feel to your landing pages.

1. Amp up your headlines

One of the most important landing page design tools you can use is your landing page headline. Make your headlines more convincing and eye-catching by playing around with (1) words, (2) fonts, and (3) colors.

2. Give your audience an offer they won’t be able to resist

Always keep in mind that your viewers know a good deal when they see one. Make the most out of their visits by giving them offers that they want, need, or cannot find anywhere else. Word your offers in such a way that makes them irresistible, but be wary of making them appear too good to be true.

3. Tweak your content

Make your pages more interesting by updating your content. Make your content more relevant with the times. Add a bit of interesting touch by employing humor, drama, and word play. Keep content short and segregate text into shorter phrases or bullets to make them easier to read.

4. Make use of social media

Add social media buttons to enable visitors to let their personal networks know more about your offers. Integrate a few social media plugins into your pages to show any recent updates you have made on key social networking sites

5. Put your CTA on steroids

Make your CTA more assertive, convincing, and compelling. Strike a balance between becoming too forceful and being too lax with your CTA. Make your CTA stand out with the use of creative fonts, contrasting color schemes, and bold lettering. Always remember that the star of your landing pages should be your CTA.

6. Simplify your pages as much as possible

If your old squeeze pages templates now look to you to be a bit cluttered, try improving on them by simplifying things as much as you can. Use one column instead of two on your templates. Shorten your forms to ask only for information that you need. Also, reformat your forms and content to make them appear shorter. Lastly, employ a minimalistic technique with your photos, color schemes, and fonts in order to make your landing pages easier on the eyes.