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5 Ways You Should be Using Landing Pages for Your Campaign
Posted by: Melissa on Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Landing pages are a marketer’s best friend. They work overtime to bring in users via multiple sources and are a great asset to any campaign. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to reap the benefits however, due either to  landing pages that are either overloaded with unnecessary information or thanks to a well-meaning but inexperienced IT department doing a poor job of setting one up. Nevertheless, there is lot of potential for converting leads into sales with a well-designed landing page — it’s just a case of knowing the basics.  

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is the most-used tactic when it comes to landing page optimization. It generates a lot of traffic and should always be accompanied by a great landing page.

Web Pages

Ensure that you have a link to a landing page in all of your website’s regular pages. This is a great marketing technique for small businesses who wish to promote a certain product or service — and turn that promotion into a sale.

Social Media

Social networking sites produce great results when it comes to marketing. It would therefore be a complete waste not to have landing pages in social media sites, as this leads to a better conversion and a high-quality, professional-looking experience for the customer.

Email Marketing

Landing pages can also be included in your email marketing campaign. Incorporating a link to your landing page is the best way to ensure that you actually convince your subscribers to go to your site to access the offer. You can, however, be creative by having the landing pages incorporated in your signature (a more subtle approach).


Using landing pages in blogs is a great idea and one that is really underutilized. A well-placed link from a popular blog can be all it takes to turn casual web browsers into real paying customers.

The secret (which isn’t really a secret) is simply this: craft a compelling offer for your customer. Take your message to your customer (see above) and direct them to a simple, well-designed landing page. If you don’t have the tech-nous to design one yourself, find a company offering simple landing page design tools to help you put one together. (Note: the process is probably easier than you realize, but it is a case of using web-design best practice. Use the layout templates offered by your landing page provider if you’re unsure).

Once your page is in place, give a clear call to action to the reader and your job is done.