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5 Ways to Build a Landing Page that Works
Posted by: Anita on Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Landing page conversion is something that looks easy on paper, but ask anyone who is in the role of online marketer and you’ll know that’s it’s sometimes easier said than done. And considering how landing pages play an instrumental role in your content marketing efforts, it is imperative that you excel in the skills that eventually determine the difference between success and failure. To help you with this sometimes daunting task, we have come up with the following guide to ultimate landing page conversion…

1. Your headline must feature a unique value proposition

If you cannot draw the attention of your landing page visitors with a compelling headline, an overwhelming majority of them will navigate away right away. Headlines should be entirely focused upon the benefits of your products and services. Without a compelling headline, all your other landing page optimization will go in vain.

2. Highest quality content

If you cannot come up with high quality content that illustrates the benefits of your products and services for the end user, it’s a serious blow to your credibility in the minds of your target audience. Also, keep that content short and precise. No one really has the time to spend some 15-20 minutes to find out about your deal.

3. Focus on one particular offer

Individual landing pages should focus upon promoting just a single, unique offer. Never try to cover two or more different offers on the same landing page. It’s all about pushing the customer to your CTA, not showing a myriad of ways to interact with you.

4. Include images

We all know how a picture can be worth a thousand words. Therefore, don’t hesitate to include relevant images to help your visitors better understand about your products and/or services. Also, make a point to include at least one image on your landing page. Resize and place the image(s) adequately using good quality landing page design software.

5. Offer something attractive in exchange of your visitors’ information

Encourage your visitors to fill out your CTA form by offering something attractive and valuable (such as a free white paper or ebook) in exchange of their information.

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