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5 Tips for Killer Landing Pages
Posted by: Joel on Monday, 25 February 2013

It is often seen that online marketers have a high degree of confidence when it comes to the question of driving traffic to their business websites. However, the real problem arises when you need to convert that traffic into, let’s say, paying customers. That’s where great landing pages come into play. Yes - landing pages are instrumental in converting your website traffic into paying customers. Here’s a few tips and tricks for how you can go about producing a killer landing page.

1. Get rid of the main navigation

Every time a visitor winds up on your landing page, try and ensure he stays there - that’s the only way you can go about the task of landing page conversion. Do not divert their mind with any distraction - their focus should be only on your offer - not elsewhere. If your landing pages have any internal links or main site navigation in them, you are raising the chances of visitors being distracted and leaving to some other page within your site.

2. Highlight the benefits

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. They want to know how they can benefit from what you are offering. Therefore, leave no stone unturned to sell the value and benefits of your offerings via your landing page.

3. Make the landing page form short and precise

Always make a point to keep your landing page short and precise. Do not make them unnecessarily lengthy by requesting irrelevant information. Ask for only that information that matters to your business objectives. This is one of the key landing page best practices that you should not overlook - website visitors will get turned off by a stupidly lengthy landing page form.

4. Include all essential elements

A lead generation landing pages must have the following critical elements in order to attract and retain the interest of your target customer base. All your landing pages should have:

* A relevant and attractive headline

* High quality content that highlights the benefit of using your product/service

* Supporting images whenever necessary

* A landing page form to collect your visitors’ information

5. Give proof

And last but not the least, always try to include proof of the benefits of your products/service with the help of testimonials, customer feedbacks, case studies etc.