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5 Techniques to Instantly Improve Your Landing Pages
Posted by: Melissa on Tuesday, 06 November 2012

Landing pages are where you direct your visitors who are coming from different locations, like search engines, ads and social media. It is the most important page as far as your conversion rate is concerned and if you want to make sure that your marketing strategy pays off, this page should use the following landing page optimization techniques.

Build it with a purpose

Your landing page should be designed with a purpose. This means that you should design it knowing what you want your visitors to do when they reach your landing page. If you are making the page just to collect information from people to create leads, then the page should focus on that. If, on the other hand, you want to make a sale, the page should focus on that. Moreover, there should only be one thing you should want your visitor to do when he/she reaches your landing page. Increasing the number of tasks a visitor has to do would only decrease your conversion rate.

Be brief with information

There is no need to stuff too much information in your landing page, as it distracts people and confuses them. Rather, the text should be replaced by a laser sharp focus, making sure that each element of the page somehow makes sure that your visitor performs the task you wish him to perform.

Continue the experience

You should know from where your visitor is being directed, and should make sure that he gets as much of the same ‘experience’ as possible. This would provide him/her with a continuous and consistent experience so that he is confident that your website is the place where he wants to be.

Have images and videos

Images, if chosen properly connect your visitors to your landing page. Videos increase the retention rate of visitors on your website, thus increasing the chances of them absorbing your message. However, your landing page software should make sure that they do not interfere or disturb your visitor in any way.