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5 Reasons You Need Landing Pages
Posted by: Anita on Friday, 14 December 2012

In its simplest form, a landing page can best be defined as the tactic used by online marketers to get their prospects to “land” on a particular web page that asks them to perform one specific action.

With the rapid expansion of online marketing, landing pages have become an integral element in the marketing toolbox of all sorts of business, including small-scale brick and mortar stores.

Here are five good reasons why it is important to have landing pages on your website.

1. Your site’s ranking will improve

One of the most effective ways to make your website climb higher in terms of website ranking is to bless it with ample local content. By creating landing pages with plenty of localized content and links (all the way down to neighborhood if possible) gives you the perfect chance to boost your website traffic and hence search engine ranking.

2. Enhance your social connections

By sending your connections on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to your landing pages, you will effectively deepen your ties with fans and followers. This will further ensure that you get a higher degree of engagement across these sites.

3. Fetches visitors what they actually want

With great landing page optimization, you ensure that all your key content categories are divided into specific market segments and landing pages. This further makes it easier for your prospects to easily find what they actually want.

4. You ad revenues will increase

By creating an appropriate landing page, you will be making sure that your advertising efforts yield the desired result. For example, if you can redirect visitors to a page that contains nothing but the content which complements the message(s) in your ads, conversions will follow. Eventually your credibility will increase, allowing you to experiment with various ads and landing page models.

5. More lead conversion

If planned well and executed adequately, landing pages can be the best weapon in your marketing arsenal to capture leads. Landing pages with various media such as audio, video, images and a pretty attractive call to action button can turn your landing pages into perfect lead generation pages.

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