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5 Landing Page Tips That Work
Posted by: Sonia on Thursday, 27 December 2012

It hardly needs to be said again, but for every new offer, you must come up with a new landing page too — one which is adequately designed and configured in every possible way to serve as a great lead generation tool.

The following are a brief rundown of five essential landing page tips that can make a world of difference to your current lead-conversion rate.

1) Tweak your page headlines

Nothing draws the attention of your target audience more than a well-designed heading. Every landing page, no matter what your new offer is all about, should be equipped with an attention-grabbing headline that promptly explains what you are trying to convey to the readers. For best results, try and figure out a way to come up with headlines that are self-explanatory, and make the reader understand exactly what your offer is, even before getting to the landing page content.

2) Try to compress the content as much as possible

Let’s face it — unless your offers are extremely lucrative and one-of-a-kind, no one has enough time on their hands to spend 10 minutes reading about them. Therefore, make it a point to try and come up with short, but perfectly-written content for the individual landing pages on your website. Remember, any landing page with loads of explanatory text will not just subvert your landing page optimization tactics, but also subverts the true value of your offers.

3) Split up the content

Always segment the content on your landing page based on its relevance or value. Binding the entire text together is not the ideal. Better to use bullet-points to highlight the important parts.

4) Shorten the landing page form

Take it this way — if a reader is taking the time to fill up your landing page form, you’re halfway there. Don’t make it any extra effort by asking for too much information. Ask only what is necessary and relevant to your campaign.

5) Add a link to your privacy policy

The biggest hurdle that gets in the way of an effective lead generation page is a sense of distrust that makes your readers wary of giving away their personal information. To mitigate whatever doubt of fear they have about your motives, include a brief privacy policy and add some security symbols if possible to put your visitor at ease.