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5 Landing Page Mistakes You Need to Avoid
Posted by: Melissa on Tuesday, 06 November 2012

Being the ‘action pages’ of any marketing campaign, landing pages need to be error free, attention grabbing, and provide a string call-to-action at the same time. Here are some mistakes that should be avoided at all costs when developing landing pages for your next promotion.

Botched Up Headlines

The headline of the landing page is its most vital part, which compels the viewers in to further exploring your offer. Botched headlines that do not match the content or are not as attention grabbing, can severely damage your conversion rate. Therefore, always pay the most attention to forming a suitable headline —say it simply and say it well.

Formality of the Site Design

The design of the landing pages is also an important factor that dictates conversion rates. The more formal and content-rich the design is the more confusing and distractive it would be for the viewers. Therefore, it is best to lose the formality of the design and to keep things simple on these action pages. Using landing page design tools can help you a lot in this regard.

Multiple Choices Syndrome

Giving a user multiple choices on a landing page can confuse him as he attempts to make the right choice and might end up deciding that making no choice at all is perhaps the best form of action. Thus, it is necessary that you do not confuse your viewer with too many choices and stick to asking him for a single action that has been described clearly.

Lack of Aesthetic Sense

Landing pages that lack in basic aesthetic sense do not go well with the viewers. Being less formal in designing the landing pages does not mean that you should start painting them with all sorts of colors and decorating them with obnoxious clip-arts. The appearance of the landing pages should be such that it complements the action you want the viewer to take.

Over Confidence

Even though skillfully crafted headlines can help in increasing conversion rates, you must not sit only on the headlines to keep hold of the viewers’ attention. Do not get over-confident about your offer and keep on explaining your offer to the viewers until they realize its benefits.

Using landing page software can really help you in avoiding all of these mistakes while designing landing pages for your website.