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5 Kinds of Landing Pages: Which One is Right for You?
Posted by: Anupam on Tuesday, 04 June 2013

Never let your main objective or goal be sidetracked while you are doing online marketing. Your main objective is to capture more consumers and get them to buy your products. Landing pages are useful tools that help you achieve this objective. Generally, when a prospective consumer clicks on the search engine result link, or online advertisement link on some other website, they are directed to your landing pages. Here they get the precise information, which was of interest to them in the first place. Since landing pages are used for a variety of purposes, you need to know about the different types of landing pages to understand which one would be the best for your website and products.

 The click through landing pages:

This is the most common type of landing pages used for online marketing. When the consumer clicks on the link they are driven to the landing page which gives them accurate and concise information regarding a particular product or a specific service. This type of landing page attempts to convince the visitor regarding the functionality and benefits of a product or service and redirects the traffic towards the main website page from where the visitors will be able to sign-up for purchase.

Lead capture landing pages:

This type of landing page is essential to get the contact number or email address of the visitors. You can also create squeeze page for the same purpose. The purpose is to get the visitors sign-up for your newsletters or help you get their social information by allowing them to connect and sign-up using their Facebook or Twitter credentials. Here, chances are bright that you will get the contact number of the potential customer and then you can call them or send text messages to inform about special offers and deals.

 Viral landing pages:

This type of landing page is used for spreading brand awareness through social networking channels. They contain some sort of video, content or even games that draw mass attention. Most of the viral landing pages have sharing buttons attached with them so that the visitors can easily share the content with their friends on Facebook or Twitter. The more shares your content receives, the more effective the strategy is considered.

Mobile landing pages:

Mobile landing pages are used to capture the attention of the huge crowd that like to surf internet from their mobiles. Here too, you can easily receive personal information about the potential client, using which you can boost up your sales.

Homepage as the landing page:

There are websites which direct you to the homepage when you click on the link. In such cases the website just uses the homepage as their landing page instead of working on separate and specific landing pages for different purposes. While this might be an effective strategy for some consumers, others simply believe that lead generation page design is an integral part of a good online marketing campaign.

Which landing page is best suitable for you?

To determine which landing page is best for you, first you need to understand what are your goals and the type of consumers you are dealing with. The choice also depends on the type of product you want to sell. If the product is something like a gadget or an appliance, viral landing pages might do the trick, but if you are selling a service, which needs you to be connected with the customer for a longer period of time, the lead capture landing page might be the best bet.