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5 Basic Steps to a Better Landing Page
Posted by: Vikki on Friday, 22 February 2013

Good lead generation landing pages are those that have simple, eye-catching, and relevant page elements. All it takes to have a BETTER landing page, however, is taking these characteristics up a notch or two. By taking the following steps into consideration, you could be well on your way to better conversion rates as well.

Attention-Grabbing Headline

An attention-grabbing headline is one that is concise, creative, and pertinent. Your headline should be able to get the main objective of your landing page across in as few words as possible. Do some research on other landing pages similar to yours and try to do something unique with your headline. You can try a bit of humor or understated drama without sacrificing relevance.

Attractive but Clutter-Free Design

Look for a landing pages template to base your designs on. These templates are readily available on the internet for your utilization. Select base designs that have adequate white space, good architectural elements (such as well-placed lines that can be used to divert the attention of your readers), minimal distractions, and beautiful color schemes. Always remember that less is usually, if not always, more when it comes to designing landing pages.

Ask for the Right Information

Only ask for information that you need. Don’t scare potential conversions away by asking for outrageously personal information, such as bank account and social security numbers. Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes: are you willing to give the information you are asking for to total strangers? By keeping your fill-out forms short and tolerably inquisitive, you give your landing pages more of a fighting chance to get better leads.

Action-Packed Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is aptly named based on its ability to get visitors to act on given offers. You can make your CTA stand out by using a comparatively huge font and emboldening it for greater emphasis. You can also let your CTA button pop out of the page by using contrasting colors, placing it on a prominent location, and leaving an ample amount of space between it and the other elements of your landing page. Lastly, and most importantly, use an assertive tone for your call-to-action phrase.

Social Media Integration

The best lead generation pages are those that are able to optimally integrate social buttons into their pages without taking a huge chunk of the visitors’ attention away from the more crucial elements, such as the CTA. Limit your choice of social media buttons to a significant few. Place them where they are easily seen without standing out too much (e.g., bottom left part of your page).