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5 Ways to Create Landing Pages That Convert
Posted by: Anita on Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Landing pages are crucial to any ecommerce website. It’s the go-to tool of any e-marketer to elicit action from site visitors.

Do you want people to enroll to an email database? Create a landing page!

Are you launching a new campaign and want to sign people up? Come up with a dedicated landing page!

Do you want to ramp up sales for a new product line you’re coming out with? Design a new landing page!

Well … you get the picture.

Landing pages are great to help your site visitors focus on something. Your website can be filled with lots of information; and, while it you have the layout and design down pat, it’s easy for visitors to get sidetracked and completely miss out on the information you want them to notice. Your solution? Landing pages!

Not all landing pages are created equal. Some achieve much more success than others. There are many factors that determine its success—and failure. Sometimes, it’s the campaign itself; it may not be appealing enough to get more than a passing glance from your customers. Other times, the landing page may lack the essential elements to catch your customers’ attention.

Here are 5 essential elements to make your landing pages a conversion success:

1.     Headline

Headlines hook your site visitors to take notice. The catchier it is, the more interested they become. Focus on creating a brief and simple but compelling headline.

2.     Copy

While headlines get your customers’ attention, it’s the copy that gets them a step further towards converting. Explain what’s in it for them—focus on explaining why signing up or buying will benefit them.

3.     Layout

Keep it simple and remove the clutter. Don’t fill it up with texts—it’s boring. That’s no way to appeal to your customers. Clearly layout your headline and copy. Highlight what’s important.

4.     Color

Color is also a great way to get your call-to-action to pop out of the page. The right use of complementary and contrasting colors will help direct your customers to where you want them to be.

5.     Other elements: logo and social media

While landing pages are meant to stand out, it should also have the essential look and feel of your brand. It should never look out of place within your website. Don’t forget to include your company or brand logo on to the page.

Go a step further by including social media elements. There’s nothing like a stamp of approval from “real people” to get your customers to convert.