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4 Ways to Make it Easy for Your Customer
Posted by: Anita on Thursday, 22 November 2012

There are several obstacles that tend to prevent or distract a potential lead from filling out your email listing or feedback forms. The greatest of these is the fact that marketers fail to make the most of their lead generation pages. A well designed landing page not only helps you accomplish your long and short term marketing objectives, but also makes it easy on your existing and potential customers to evaluate your credibility and potential online.

Here are 4 simple and easy to execute techniques to go about that objective…

1. Have several targeted landing pages

Having several targeted landing pages on your website, each for its own specific target audience, allows you to cater to the needs and interests of several audiences simultaneously. While your offers may be similar, make your landing pages exact matches to your Adwords ads or other lead generation. If you’re driving inbound traffic from Facebook, make sure your lead page is an exact match for that promotion.

2 Sharing your website’s landing-page links on social media

Most people like and use sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc. These open forums are the perfect place to share your links, try and drum up a conversation about your brand and, hopefully, drive traffic to your conversion point. Likewise, use your webpages to link back to your social media pages — it adds up in the end.  

3 Come up with an optimized CTA for your website

As a marketing professional, your ultimate objective should be to bolster your company’s lead conversion abilities, and the best way to go about this task is to place relevant and easily accessible calls to action on your website, blog posts etc. Not only should it be clear and unambiguous, but make sure that it is keyword optimised too. Properly-worded important likes are valuable for SEO ranking.

4 Make your lead capture forms short and to-the-point

Your lead generation page design should be such that it does not scare off potential leads. Never include an unnecessarily lengthy capture form on your landing page — it's nothing but a big turn of for an otherwise potential lead. Make it short, to the point and what was promised. Landing pages are all about closing, so close.