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4 Tips for Better Landing Pages
Posted by: Rosario on Thursday, 24 January 2013

Every online marketing professional should know that landing pages — alongside the lead capture forms that they come equipped with — are two of the most critical elements in your overall lead generation strategy. Without both these elements, it would be pretty tough for online marketers to go about their ultimate objective of lead conversion.

Therefore, one should be always careful and focused while creating new landing pages. Here are four essential tips that can help you accomplish that goal.

1) Include all critical elements on the page

There is little margin for error while you create a landing page. Even a small mistake can ruin all your efforts. Therefore, a landing page should be designed in a way so it is balanced and features all critical elements that it should ideally feature. These elements are:

* A relevant and catchy headline alongside an optional sub headline

* A brief summary of the significance of your offer and how the users can benefit from it

* A minimum of one supporting image

* A lead capture form to collect important customer details

2) Get rid of the main navigation

Every time a new visitor lands up on one of your landing pages, you should literally leave no stone unturned to make him stay there. If there is even one single link on your landing page that can redirect the user to another corner of the web (or even to another webpage on your site), that increases the chances of your visitor being distracted.

3) Make the page headline and the CTA similar

Always try and keep the message in both the CTA (call to action) and the landing page headline similar. This is an important landing page optimization tactic because the instant a visitor finds any noticeable difference between the two he may lose his trust in you. Example: If a visitor clicked on a free-ebook CTA ends up on a page that barely says anything about a free ebook, it won’t take him more than a few seconds to abandon that page forever.

4) Come up with as many landing pages as you can

It’s not practical to have one single landing page for multiple purposes. Doing so leads to customer distraction. Therefore, make it a point to come up with different landing pages form different purposes. Use a landing page template designer to come up with multiple pages quickly.