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4 Things You Should Change About Your Landing Pages
Posted by: Kimberly on Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How successful are your landing pages? Have you converted many of your visitors? Or do you have an inordinately large bounce rate? Perhaps you need to rethink your landing page design. There may be certain elements that you need to tweak to get that desired conversion goal.

Not sure how to do it? Ask yourself these four questions…

Are you using the right language?

Maybe the problem with your landing page is how you wrote your content. Does your headline immediately catch your visitor’s attention? Does your copy engage your customers? Can your customers relate to what you’ve written?

Maybe your headline isn’t interesting enough. Maybe your copy is too long that it bores your customers. Or maybe your copy is too brief that it comes off as vague; maybe it doesn’t give enough information.

Here’s another reason: perhaps your page content is not optimized for search engines. Maybe the reason for your high bounce rates is because your page isn’t attracting the right customer profile.

Are your design elements optimized?

Does your landing page appear cluttered? Does it have too many elements that distract from the core message? Is your landing page design confusing to many of your visitors?

Keep your landing page simple and clean. But it doesn’t mean you need to go the other extreme and keep it sparse. The point is to engage your visitors enough to convert them.

Can your visitors clearly identify your call to action button?

Have you checked your call to action button lately? Can your visitors immediately recognize what you are asking them to do? Will it take them more than a minute to figure it out?

Allow your call to action button to stand out. And use only one. A landing page should be focused. If you need more than one call to action button, consider creating a separate landing page altogether.

Do you regularly test whether your landing page design successfully communicates with your customers? How are you tracking conversion?

Have you tested your landing pages suitability? The only way to determine the efficacy of your landing page design is to test it and ask for feedback. Designers will have a bias over their design (of course!). The only way to categorically confirm whether their design works or not is to test the design.

You also need to track your landing page’s progress. There are landing page software that will help you not only with design, but also with testing and tracking conversion.