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4 Critical Facets of a Good Landing Page
Posted by: Syed on Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Most of the people make several basic mistakes when designing a landing page. These mistakes may not seem like a big deal, but they can seriously disturb your conversion rate in the long run. To be honest, designing a landing page is an art. You have to keep all the elements of a landing page just about perfect, because even the slightest inconsistency can drive your visitors away.

That is the reason why, I am going to present here the 4 critical facets for a good landing page conversion:

Brief, compelling and to the point content

Creating a landing page can be overwhelming. Sometimes, people even end up trying too hard to sell their product that they overpopulate the page with unnecessary content. But, the right thing to do is to try keeping the text organized and brief.
Similarly, bullet pointers are much easier to read than long boring paragraphs. Also, only list the key points and attractive features that may compel your visitor to accept your offer.

Relevant Organized Images

Choosing the right images for your landing page is another tricky process. Make sure whatever images you choose are relevant and it would urge your visitor to become your customer. On the other hand, too many images next to each other does not send good thoughts to your visitor. It may simply confuse them.

To organize images and the layout in a better way, there are several landing page design tools available on the internet. Thus, they can also help you design a well-organized, compelling and professional landing page.

Social Media

Social media and social networking has become such an important part of the internet world that even a landing page is incomplete without it. Thus, you should fit in an option to share your product details to the some of the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
When a visitor shares your information on a social network, your product is viewed by several members of their social network. As a result, you also get free marketing of your product.

Collecting Information

I think, this is the most under-looked part of a landing page. When it comes to collecting information, you must not try to gather every information about your visitor. At first, you just have to collect only the information that is absolutely necessary for the subscription. Your main objective must be to make the subscription process as easy as possible. If it takes too long, your potential customer may simply lose interest and close the tab.

Finally, if you have not enough time to manage your business and marketing campaign yourself, you can also get services from a professional landing page design company.