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4 Common Sense Landing Page Principles
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 11 March 2013

The best lead generation pages adhere to certain principles that keep subscribers informed and interested. These landing pages also get to convert this interest into an inclination to purchase. In the world of online marketing, too many points of wisdom are being shared in terms of how to make the best landing pages for any campaign. However, adhering to these basic principles is all that you really need to get started on your own successful mass email campaign.


One of the most essential keys to landing page optimization is highlighting the different benefits that come with your offers.  Emphasize how much your subscribers get to save by acting on your offer. You can also choose to enumerate the many different ways in which your products or services can be of use in their lives. Be as thorough as you can when it comes to letting your subscribers know about your products and/or services, but also be wary of going over the top. Never over-embellish the facts, and keep your information section as concise as possible.


A good rule to follow for keeping your reader’s interest throughout the length of your page is to maximize attractions while minimizing distractions. Maximize the attractiveness of your landing pages by having a well-written and thoroughly proofread content. Interesting and unique visual elements are also important to have on your landing pages. As for distractions, these can be minimized by keeping your page simple and well formatted. Lessen clutter on your pages by removing unnecessary sections. Also, maintain a minimalistic approach on your design by going easy on your color palette as well as images.


The information section of your landing pages should have had a solid start on inculcating within your visitors the need or desire to take on your offer. You can increase this inclination by including links that emphasize the advantages of acting on your offers (such as videos showing how your product works). You can also increase focus on your product by employing eye tracking. This principle helps direct your readers’ focus where you want them. Lastly, you can also add a few realistic and believable testimonials on your page. This last bit helps add a sense of credibility to your campaign.

Chance to Act

It is an absolute necessity for any online marketing venture to make the calls-to-action stand out on their respective squeeze pages. Make sure that your CTA employs an assertive tone. Make your CTA stand out even more by using visual elements such as contrasting colors, images, and font changes. Test the visibility of your CTA via the blink test, and adjust accordingly.