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3 Landing Page Rules You Can’t Afford to Forget
Posted by: Sonia on Tuesday, 04 December 2012

If your existing online marketing campaigns are not yielding the desired results, don’t just put the blame on your banner, paid search ad, retargeted display or email messages. Instead, begin your evaluation by analysing things at your own end.

For starters, carry out a thorough analysis of your landing page. Surprisingly it happens to be one of the most common causes behind unsuccessful online marketing campaigns.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience — look through your landing pages with the same perspective as a customer — ask yourself if you would be ready to buy. If your answer is ‘no’, then waste no more time and tackle the problem at its root-cause, and the only way to do that is by revamping your landing page to turn it into an effective lead generation page.

The following are three key rules that you must remember always while redesigning the landing pages of your products/service ads:

1) First and foremost, use your landing page keywords wisely and echo them effectively throughout yourl other ad campaigns including banner and display ads, text message marketing, email marketing and so on.

Assuming that you rely upon Pay Per Click ads for driving email subscriptions, those ads should not be mapped to the standard opt-in section of your web page — many recipients may have zero knowledge about your brand and its offerings. Instead, try and come up with a landing page that provides the audience with the relevant, targeted deal referred to in your PPC ad. Want clients to sign up for an on-going email program? Include privacy policy details, topics, sample issues and so forth on your landing page, then offer an easy way to sign up.

2) Try and come up with unique landing pages for each product you offer. Include different images, targeted copy, specific keywords etc. Try to think of every landing page a mini-website designed for one, single deal. On the landing page itself, stick to the key message — one deal per page, and an easy way to accept that deal.

3) And last but not the least - always be mindful of the fact that no matter how adequately you structure your ad as well as landing page, not all who visit your page by following an email or text message will be eager to accept your offer (but you can always try to make sure that they don’t have to leave empty handed). Track where they come from and where they go. Figure out the reasons behind their failure to accept your deal and tweek your ads, landing pages and the deal itself based on that data.