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3 Landing Page No-No’s You Must Know
Posted by: Jules on Tuesday, 15 January 2013

We’ve have already covered a few of the essential landing page TO-DO’s  on this blog (such as the ones here and here); but now it’s time to cover the opposite — check out the following 3 NO-NO’s that can seriously affect the quality of your landing pages.

1) Poor headlines

Always be mindful of the fact that the ultimate objective of your landing pages should be to turn them into perfect lead generation pages. But unfortunately, you seldom get more than 5 or 6 seconds to grab the attention of your landing page visitors. Therefore, always make it a point to come up with a relevant, catchy and attractive headline that compels the visitors to have a second look at the content of the page.

2) One shot, many kills

When designing a new landing page, make sure that the content of the page is focused on only one objective. If you are trying to lure your incoming visitors to sign up to your subscription list, then do that one thing and nothing else. The moment you set multiple goals for a single landing page, all of those goals are proportionately diminished. For example, never try to use the same landing page for lead generation, email list enhancement and product information at the same time — you’ll only end up confusing the traffic you do have and diminishing the effectiveness of your page.

3) Overlooking the importance of media content

“A picture is worth thousand words” — you have heard that phrase — and it holds true for landing pages too. It’s fine to have a text-only landing page if it gets the job done. But if it doesn’t — if conversions are low and bounce rates high — then something’s got to change. With the help of images, video and other media content, you might be able to convey your key message better. Just make sure that any extra media content is relevant, functional and working towards pushing your customer towards your CTA. That’s the essence of landing page optimization.