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3 Expert Tweaks for Your Landing Pages
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 11 March 2013

A good lead generation page design is one that not only looks nice: it has to have all the necessary elements of a landing page neatly tied together. Great landing pages, however, take these necessary design elements to a different level. At the very least, great and effective landing pages are those that are simple, able to sustain the attention of their readers, and manage to direct a reader’s focus exactly where it is needed. With these following tweaks, taking your landing pages from good to great will be done in no time.

Take A Minimalistic Approach

Keeping your landing pages design simple does you service in the following aspects: (1) you lessen the distractions your visitors are being subjected to, (2) your visitors will have no trouble understanding what your landing page is all about, and (3) people react better, overall, to pages that aren’t too heavy on the eyes. Keep the color choices on your landing pages to a bare minimum and keep your sections (rows or columns) as few as possible.

Design Short Pages

Keep your text as well as the entire page design short. Short but informative text ensures that your visitors get the idea behind your offerings without allowing their attention to wander off due to the sheer length of what they have to read. Short pages also allow your visitors to access everything of importance from your page, avoiding the need to scroll down for more. Make sure you get a good copy for your page. Lastly, keep all important page elements (especially your call-to-action) above the page fold.

Use Images That Direct

Lead generation landing pages do look better with images on them. The question then lies on whether or not these images are doing their best to work for you. Good images are those that are visually appealing and good at keeping your viewers’ interest. Great ones, on the other hand, are those that do all that PLUS direct your visitors’ gaze to where you need them to be. You can do all this in three different ways. First, use images of people looking directly at your call-to-action or a similar element on your landing page that needs focusing on. Second, employ contrast to make key elements on your landing page pop out at first glance. Lastly, use lines (parallel lines, intersecting lines, and arrows) that not only subtly lead your viewers’ focus to your call-to-action, but also add an architectural feel to your entire landing page.