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12 Ways to an Awesome Landing Page (That You’ve Never Heard Of)
Posted by: Rosario on Tuesday, 26 February 2013

We have already covered a lot on how you can easily and efficiently optimize your landing pages with quality content, attractive headlines and other essential components. But as you know, all those tactics may not always suffice to help you accomplish your long and short term business objectives — especially in today’s cut throat competitive market. Therefore we have come up with 13 more ways to an awesome landing page that you may not have heard before.

1. Try and connect with your visitors’ needs and fears. By understanding what you customers want and using your landing pages to address their requirements is the most crucial component of landing page optimization.

2. Don’t be too clever or creative with your headlines or content. Make your landing pages easily comprehensible to the masses.

3. Always use the word YOU, because it helps the readers connect to what you are trying to convey through your landing page.

4. Statistics suggest that by removing any unnecessary text or details on your landing page, you are likely to raise your landing page conversion by up to 60 percent.

5. Also, try to anticipate to any reluctance that may prevent your visitors from responding to your CTA. Try to address those concerns through the core content, or a case study.

6. Don’t waste your and your readers’ precious time by using redundant words. Take a lesson or two from the Apple Inc. marketers and learn to replace long words with short ones.

7. The use of self-centric words such as ‘I’ and ‘we’ generally tend to project you as less credible. Try avoid them as far as possible.

8. Customer feedback, case studies, relevant industry statistics etc. usually enhance the appeal of your offers. Use them whenever possible.

9. Even though it might seem obvious, we are mentioning this point because a lot of inexperienced marketers usually make this common blunder: don’t optimize your landing page for search engines. Instead your focus should be always centered around your human readers.

10. Even though it’s okay to have a secondary CTA on a landing page, try to focus on the primary CTA.

11. Get rid of the side bar. Statistics suggest that you are likely to increase your conversion rate by almost a quarter without one.

12. Increase the value of your offers with a bonus — whenever possible. Also, ensure that you present the value of your bonus in a clear and precise manner.

13. And last but not the least, always remember that landing page optimization is a serious task that can make a serious difference in your conversion rate. Therefore, always opt for the best landing page design toolbox only.