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12 Principles of a Perfect Landing Page
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 11 March 2013

As short as an ideal landing page may be, there are still so many details that you should keep in mind when designing for a maximized landing page quality score. When aiming to make the perfect landing page, knowing which principles work is essential to keeping your landing page on top of the online marketing food chain.

1. Be Consistent

Make sure that the headlines on your ads match those of your landing pages. Doing otherwise only makes you look suspicious. This will lead to nothing more than confusion and loss of trust among your visitors.

2. Have a Catchy Headline

Make sure your headlines work for you. Come up with a few that you like and test how your potential audience reacts to them.

3. Use Fonts to Your Advantage

Don’t underestimate the power of bold and italicized words in getting your message through. You can also use different fonts and sizes to make keywords stand out. Be careful not to overdo this, though, as doing so will only make your landing page look messy.

4. Make Images Work For You

Use images that are relevant to your page. Also, use images that will direct your readers’ line of vision to the key elements on your page. Place them accordingly on your squeeze pages design.

5. Use An Assertive Call-to-Action

Assertive CTAs have been proven to get campaigns better conversions than those that use a more timid tone. Make your CTA appear more assertive by placing it on your page where it can be seen the moment the page is opened.

6. Integrate Social Media

Social media gives your campaign even more power via the promotion of those who have been exposed to it. Let your visitors know more and share more about you via social media buttons or various social media plug-ins.

7. Be Concise…

…without missing out on anything crucial (exactly like this).

8. Emphasize Benefits

Let your visitors know what your campaign has for them. Enumerate the various ways in which your offers will be of benefit to them via short phrases or bullets. Be as convincing as you can without resorting to lying (which most readers can identify immediately).

9. Establish Urgency

Making your offers limited by volume or time will give you sooner click-throughs, as opposed to making offers without any expiration dates.

10. Minimize Distractions

Keep your visitors focused on your landing page by keeping everything in order. Remove anything that will not help in adding to your conversions. Provide your readers with everything they need to know about your campaign so that they won’t have to resort to looking for the information elsewhere.

11. Keep Everything above the Fold

Always remember that your page visitors are often not the most diligent people in the world. Keep your CTAs and content within sight. Keep in mind that visitors will always veer towards moving on and away from your page rather than scrolling on it.

12. Test

You can never know the true merit of a landing page example unless you have it tested. Have every aspect tested over and over again until you are entirely sure that everything works perfectly. Keep in mind that a 100% functioning landing page is way better than a nonfunctional albeit visually perfect one.