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10 Secrets to PPC Landing Page Success
Posted by: Michalene on Monday, 01 July 2013

Pay per click advertising can be one of the most effective ways for a business to direct traffic to their website. However, grabbing someone’s attention with your ad and then having them click on your link is only the first step in a series of important factors that make up the entire sales funnel. Understanding that sales funnel is the secret to landing page success.

1.      How relevant is your landing page?  Certain PPC advertising providers (especially Google) demand relevance throughout your campaign, from the ad content right through to the landing page content.  If your ad and your landing page design do not relate to one another, the flow does not exist people will leave after they land on your page.

2.      Explain the benefits of the product.  People want to know more about your product, that’s why they clicked on your ad.  Let them know why it is something they cannot live without.

3.      Use page length split testing.  Some longer landing pages do not perform as well because people tend to scan, not read all of the details.  Try using several different pages of different lengths.

4.      Use good quality graphics with landing page design tools.  You may have to set aside some money in your advertising budget, but it is definitely worth it to use good graphics as opposed to stock photos of lower quality.

5.      Simplify your landing page.  If there are too many distractions, people become confused and do not know what you want them to do.  One simple button where a purchase can be made, near a picture and description of the benefits of the product should suffice.

6.      If you plan to use a landing page for a short time (time limited offer), be sure to remove it from public visibility after you have completed your campaign.

7.      Make sure your side communicates trustworthiness.  People want to know that they can get in touch with you, that you accept returns and that you will ship the product within a certain time.  Include testimonials and social media links and comments.

8.      Is your page optimized for mobile phone users?  Most people access the internet with their smart phones, so if your page is not mobile phone user friendly, you may notice a higher bounce rate.

9.      Capture your visitors.  In a PPC campaign, you are PAYING per click.  Since that visitor is already on your page, grab their information with a newsletter sign up form.  Even if they don’t buy on this visit, they may convert in the future once they start to get to know you better.

10.  Does your page load quickly?  Your landing pages designer can help you with this.  In today’s fast paced world, people will not wait around for your page to load, so if it is slow, consider your visitors gone.