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10 Genius SEO Tips for Landing Pages
Posted by: Anita on Tuesday, 04 June 2013

Landing pages are a great way of converting incoming traffic to loyal buyers. Your SEO strategies should be directed towards making the landing pages more SEO friendly and optimize them for getting more qualified visitors. Proper use of landing pages can turn your world around. Not only will you sell more products and generate more leads, but also you will be able to get a hold of a better ranking in search engines. Unlike your home page, which is a conglomeration of different disparate objectives, the landing pages concentrate solely on a single purpose. They are capable of quickly catching the attention of the consumers and manipulate them into taking a decision or action. The jet age generation at present does not like dilly-dallies. They take decisions in a snap while they’re on the move.  Here we discuss some genius SEO tips for landing pages.

The title:

The page title is one of the most important aspects that need to be used carefully. It gives the web surfers an idea about what the landing pages consist of. Since search engines are most interested in precise information, make sure that the title of your landing page is to the point, informative and relates correctly to the content you are offering.

The URL of your landing page:

The URL is another feature which can be optimized for good SEO. Include the major keywords on the left hand side. This means that the major keywords should be placed in the beginning of the URL, while other specific keywords should follow. You can also make use of slashes to make it more specific and relevant to a particular search term.

User friendly:

The landing page must be user-friendly as visitors will not have much patience to browse your entire website to find relevant information. Ensure that visitors get what they’re looking for in the first few clicks and they don’t have to find related information on their own. Moreover, the “Buy Now” page should be easily accessible and connected with the landing pages.

Keep it simple:

Too much information can be confusing and even distracting for your audience. You have to ask the landing page designer to keep things precise, to the point and clutter free. For example, if you are asking visitors to fill up a form, make sure there is not too much information that the visitor has to enter.

Prominence of brand identity:

The landing pages must bear your brand identity. Proper branding is essential to make a place for your website in your visitors mind.

Clear directions:

People will not know what step to take next if your landing pages do not ask them clearly. Your landing page should have a purpose. If it is giving product details then subtly suggest a visit to the purchasing page or if they are filling up a form ask them to look around a little more.

Sharing options:

Provide social media sharing buttons in the landing pages for capturing more online market.

Keep it linked:

Though the actual content on the landing pages should be precise, it should be linked with other pages of your website subtly, yet prominently.

Solve a problem:

Your landing page should be used for sorting out a customer’s problem. People like to get their issues sorted online and offering them a solution is the best idea.

Do some measuring:

You need to keep track of how well the landing pages are performing so you can improvise it. Continuously check your landing page’s performance, while measuring the number of visitors that made it to the page and the number of visitors that performed some action. This will give you a clear idea of how well the landing page is performing and will let you know if any changes are required.