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10 Landing Page Tricks That Will Supercharge Your Conversions
Posted by: Marta on Monday, 25 February 2013

When it comes to online marketing, there is nothing more satisfying to a marketer than to have a successful conversion. And in an era when content marketing is ruling virtually everywhere, it is imperative that all online marketers give special attention to how they optimize their landing pages for maximum conversion. To help you with the task, we have come up with the following 10 landing page tricks that will supercharge your conversions.

1. Start testing your landing pages even before you publish them on your site. And don’t ever think that your job is done once it is published. Evaluate its performance on regular basis, and make changes whenever and wherever you think is necessary.

2. Don’t settle for anything less than an epic headline that can beautifully highlight what the follow-up content is all about.

3. Killer copywriting is essential when it comes to landing page optimization. Without high quality content, you are less likely to persuade your customers about the benefits of your products and services.

4. The design of the page matters, of course. You cannot even think about having a high conversion rate with an ugly looking landing page. Therefore, use the landing page design software for best results.

5. Don’t keep any internal or external links on your landing page that can divert the attention of your visitors.

6. Pay special attention in crafting your CTA and other buttons. Always use colored buttons, especially for the primary CTA. If possible, try and make it interactive.

7. Always try to improve the load speed of your landing pages. The slower the load speed is, the more likely that your visitors will navigate away.

8. Use your individual landing pages for one unique purpose only. By having multiple objectives in the same landing page may make it confusing for your readers. Therefore, you should always have multiple landing pages to promote multiple offers.

9. Always demonstrate how your existing or previous customers benefited from your products and/or services. There are various ways to go about this task, the most popular ones being including case studies, customer feedback,

10. Encourage the visitors to respond to your CTA by promising some attractive and fair value freebies.

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